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Monitoring project proves successful for potato tuber moth management in South Africa

Potato tuber moth can be a potato producer’s nightmare. InteliGro in South Africa devised an effective monitoring system not only help to control this pest successfully, but allows producers to manage risks and reduce input costs over time.

Traditionally, potato producers follow a strict, preventative spray programme to protect their crops against pests. This approach is important, especially to ensure effective disease management. However, with insects such as potato tuber moth, a more calculated approach is possible. Although several registered options exist for the effective control of potato tuber moth, cracks are starting to appear in the armour of some of the available active ingredients. If the correct strategy and products are not used, potato tuber moth can destroy an entire potato crop.

With this in mind, InteliGro and Stef Stephan from Stephan & Seun Potatoes in South Africa joined forces to launch a long-term potato-monitoring project for the management of tuber moth. Under the leadership of André Erasmus, InteliGro’s potato technical specialist, the project has since gained tremendous momentum and is currently an integral part of the service and decision-making support InteliGro offers in South Africa’s Sandveld potato-production region.

In collaboration with Cropwatch Africa, InteliGro presents a technology platform that allows the weekly monitoring data to be captured and shared electronically with producers. The platform also creates the opportunity for a wider variety of information, such as satellite images, weather data and application details, to be gathered.

Source: HarvestSA. Read the full article here
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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