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Deprez’ Maestro XL+S: A unique mobile machine for handling large potato bins

Potato storage in bins offer 100% traceability and are finding more and more advantages for various reasons, resulting in an increasing demand for 2 tonne bins, according to Kristof Vanderhaeghe, sales engineer at Belgium based equipment specialist company Deprez Handling Solutions.

“Professional potato growers choose to use the large format 2 tonne bins because of their large acreage,” says Kristof. “As these growers harvest today with two or more 4-row harvesters, the incoming rate cannot be handled by several standard left/right bin fillers anymore. The unstacking and stacking job by several forklift trucks is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy from the forklift trucks.  It also requires a lot of continuous concentration by good forklift truck drivers. Above all, it creates an unsafe crowd.”

Kristof says that Deprez’ Maestro XL+S machine, with a capacity of up to 125 t/h (optional up to 150 t/h) handles potatoes exceptionally gentle. By reducing the bin movements by up to 84%, this unique machine offers large potato growers the possibility to stay on top of high harvesting capacity ‘non-stop’ with one box handling machine only.  

Due to the exact unstacking and stacking of bins, the risk of bin damage is minimal, which drastically reduces the annual repair costs, Kristof points out.

“This heavy duty machine is mobile and built for professionals,” he says. “The large 15″ computerized touch screen control system makes the machine very user friendly. Since it is 100% electric, without energy consuming pneumatics or hydraulics, the continuously controlled frequency converters provide 70% lower energy consumption compared to the same operation by a forklift truck. Which means less wear and tear on the fork-lift truck, but above all, clear and safe storing provides peace of mind to professional potato growers in a busy harvesting season.”

The Maestro XL+S contains a further innovative feature. In a reversed transport direction, a stack of 2 full bins are unstacked and tilted sideways by 180° to empty each bin non-stop. Then the empty bins are stacked 4 high again. By the combination of filling and emptying, the mobile Maestro XL+S is unique and ensures a year-round double profit.

Source: Deprez Handling Solutions
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The Deprez construction facility in Belgium

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