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‘Root Zero’: Carbon neutral potatoes from Puffin Produce a UK first

The home of the much-loved Pembrokeshire potato has added a new iconic product to supermarket shelves with the launch of the UK’s first carbon neutral potato. ‘Root Zero‘ planet friendly potatoes are grown in Pembrokeshire by Puffin Produce and have been launched into 200 Co-op stores across the UK, according to a news story published by Wales Farmer.

The spuds are certified carbon neutral and grown using sustainable farming practices to remove carbon dioxide, create healthy soil and increase local biodiversity.

The company has measured every contribution to the potatoes’ carbon footprint – from the power used on the farm to the transport used to take Root Zero potatoes to the supermarket, even down to customers cooking their spuds at home.

Says Huw Thomas, CEO of Puffin Produce: “We’ve engaged the best scientific advice and partnered with organisations who are helping us to measure, reduce and certify our impact. […] We are hoping that Root Zero will be the first of many carbon neutral, responsibly grown, sustainably packaged products that will start to tackle the huge impact of the food industry on climate change.”

Root Zero will also be generating its own green energy by installing solar panels at its production site and wind turbines on its farms.

Source: Wales Farmer. Read the full story here
Photo: Courtesy Nate Warlow via Wales Farmer

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