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Orange oil potato sprout suppressant could help fill CIPC gap

An orange oil product that prevents sprouting in stored potatoes will be available for winter storage to help fill the gap left by the banning of the once widely used chlorpropham (CIPC). The new product, called Argos, comes from agrochemicals group UPL and is made from a natural substance, d-limonene (terpene), which is extracted from orange peel, according to a report by David Jones for Farmers Weekly.

The orange oil is applied as a hot fogging concentrate in store and, when it comes in contact with potatoes, the oil disrupts the growing point of newly emerging sprouts, burning them off and preventing further growth.

Geoff Hailstone, potato lead for UPL, said the new product will be available from the start of potato storage programmes this autumn and will be competitively priced. “The orange oil will be very cost-effective compared with alternative in-store options,” he told Farmers Weekly.

Source: Farmers Weekly. Read the full story here
Photo: Tim Scrivener

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