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Global potato exports down

A new report from IndexBox shows that global potato exports shrank to 13mil tons in 2020, dropping by -11.3% compared to the year before. As Potato Business reports, in value terms, potato exports plummeted from USD5.1bn in 2019 to USD4.3bn, with France, the Netherlands, and Germany as major spuds exporters worldwide, according to GlobalTrade.

Last year alone, the average potato export price amounted to USD327 per ton, decreasing by -6.3% year-on-year. Over the last year, most importing countries have reduced their potato purchases. But, by contrast, Belgium, Spain, the U.S., Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and the UK boosted their imports.

In value terms, the following countries had the highest levels of exports in 2020, with a combined 44% share of global exports: the Netherlands (USD826m), France (USD 684m), and Germany (USD374m).

In value terms, Belgium (USD595m), the Netherlands (USD345m), and Spain (USD314m) were the countries with the highest levels of imports in 2020, together accounting for 28% of global imports. The US, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Portugal, Canada, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan lagged behind, together accounting for a further 30%.

The countries with the highest levels of potato per capita consumption in 2020 were Belarus (608 kg per person), Belgium (522 kg per person), and Ukraine (474 kg per person).

Source: Potato Business. Read the full story here

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