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Waitrose to sell potato milk as demand for plant-based options grows

Britons already eat potatoes boiled, baked, roasted and mashed but now the humble spud is being milked for all its worth, with potato milk set to be the next big thing, according to a report by The Guardian.

It is tipped as a challenger to big selling alt-milks made from oats, almonds and soy, with the supermarket Waitrose predicting consumers will soon be adding it to their shopping trolley or ordering potato milk lattes in coffee shops.

Alice Shrubsall, the supermarket’s alternative milk buyer, said the retailer was planning to expand its alt-milk range to include potato milk. In February, Waitrose will start stocking the Swedish potato milk brand Dug which is owned by the startup Veg of Lund. Dug claims to be the most sustainable alt-milk on the market.

Source: The Guardian. Read the full story here
Photo: Dug potato plant-based milk drink has a barista version. Dug Drinks UK via The Guardian

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