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Is this the largest potato in the world?

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown were having a bit of a cleanup in their vegetable garden in late August, to get ready for their usual flurry of spring planting. There were a few big clumps of weeds which Colin was hooking into with the hoe, when he hit something large and solid below the soil.

“So I said to Donna this must be one of those white kūmara that we grew,” he says, “because some of them just grew massive here.”

So he dug around it with a fork until he dug up the large root vegetable – which he realised, after poking it with the garden fork and tasting it, was a potato.

The couple weighed the spud and found it was a massive 7.9kg – so heavy you wouldn’t be permitted to take it on an aeroplane as carry-on luggage. A quick Google search revealed that the Guinness World Records title for the heaviest potato had been held since 2011 by a Nottinghamshire gardener who had producing a tiny tater that tipped the scales at a mere 4.99kg.

Source: Read the full story and see a video here
A video by NBC can be seen here

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