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Ban on seed potato imports will have ‘devastating consequences’

Potato growers in Northern Ireland face a “severe shortage of seed potatoes” in 2022, according to TUV leader, Jim Allister. As Joanne Knox reports for Farming Life, the politician said ‘absurd EU law and sleepwalking MLAs’ are to blame for the ban on imports to the province from Great Britain.

“The future of our potato sector relies on ready access to seed potatoes from Great Britain,” Mr Allister stated.

“Yet, under the iniquitous Protocol, the importation of seed potatoes from GB is banned because GB is now declared a ‘third country’ and, thus, subject to the ban which arises under Regulation EU 2016/2031.

He added: “Going into next year, our potato sector faces severe shortage of seed potatoes – as does the Republic – because of this absurd EU law.

Source: Farming Life. Read the full story here
Photo: TUV leader, Jim Allister | Farming Life

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