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Bruising becoming an issue as potato harvest gathers momentum in Ireland

Teagasc is confirming that most growers are now well advanced with the 2021 potato harvest, writes Richard Halleron in a news story for Agriland. Conditions in late September were extremely dry. However, this has led to some bruising on crop where there isn’t enough soil travelling up the webs to cushion the tubers.

Many growers are reporting that crops are slow to die back after desiccation. There have also been a number of comments of poor desiccation on headlands where there is some shading from trees or hedges.

According to Teagasc, much of this damage can be offset by setting machines correctly and minimising drops where possible. Growers have been reminded that settings on the harvester may have to be changed or adjusted for soil conditions and different varieties.

Source: Agriland. Full story here

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