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Agristo invests in two more PEF systems from Pulsemaster

Pulsemaster, the leading provider of Pulsed Electric Field systems for potato processing, announces that it has entered into an agreement for the sale of two 100 kW Pulsed Electric Field systems to Agristo, a major producer of high quality French fries and potato specialities.

Agristo is based in Belgium and Holland, operates in the potato processing industry and has a wealth of Pulsed Electric Field experience within this industry.

Mark de Boevere, Managing director of Pulsemaster says: “We are extremely pleased that a European customer with very high standards and a global reputation has agreed to purchase their third and fourth Pulsemaster PEF-systems.”

Agristo operates their Pulsemaster’s PEF-systems across their manufacturing facilities in Belgium and Holland. The Belgian company has purchased two more Pulsemaster PEF-systems that can be used to treat whole potato tubers at a capacity of up to 60 tons (132.000 lbs) per hour per PEF-system, to make French fries and potato specialities.

The pulsed electric field treatment contribute to cell breakdown in the processed potatoes, which results in a number of benefits for the customer.

Pulsemaster’s PEF-technology has been proven at scale in the food & beverage industry

Thomas Rohe, Engineering director Pulsemaster notes: “Our PEF-systems are fully integrated and modular systems for either cell disintegration of solids or microbial inactivation of liquids. For example to make high quality juices and smoothies, with guaranteed food safety and sound commercial benefits like extended shelflife. Through the use of PEF, taste, smell and colour in juices are enhanced.”

Marx solid state typology pulse generators

Pulsemaster can supply a range of robust PEF systems, covering a wide power range per system.

Werner Kohorst, Technical director of Pulsemaster says: “Our typology is a Marx solid state pulse generator with rectangular, unipolar pulse wave shape, based on the result of our experience in designing, building, and manufacturing PEF-systems for a broad spectrum of applications and outputs in the food and beverage industry worldwide. Each Pulsemaster PEF system is built with the highest quality German and Dutch engineering to withstand continuous operation in Industry.

“We are indeed pleased to partner with our customer Agristo in these important projects to make high quality French fries and potato specialities.”

Source: Pulsemaster
Photo: After PEF treatment of the potato, a more elastic, raw French fry or chip, less breakage, smoother surfaces and less oil absorption.
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