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New Omnia ‘Carbon Cost of Production’ tool launched

It’s clearly understood that improved farm productivity is good for business and more recently, for carbon. But the challenge has always been how to measure the cost of producing a particular crop with regards to carbon. Hutchinsons’ new Omnia Carbon cost of production tool has been designed to tackle just this, providing users with arguably one of the most in-depth carbon tools on the market, according to a news report by Tillage magazine.

Trialled and tested across Hutchinson Helix farms, the Production tool allows growers to calculate the carbon cost of their operations on a per field basis in terms of both £/tonne CO2/tonne or CO2/ha.

To date Omnia users have been able to identify both the poorest and best performing areas of a field as well as create average cost of production information. Now, Omnia’s newly developed Carbon Production tool allows users to this with Carbon. 

From this autumn, users will be able to calculate on a field and sub field basis, the financial and Co2 equivalent positions related to growing a particular crop. Provided in £/ha, £/tonne CO2/tonne or CO2/ha.

Source: Tillage magazine. Read the full story here
Photo: Hutchinsons Helix National Farm open day 2021. Courtesy Tim Scrivener

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