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Dewulf Enduro to be showcased in-person for the first time at Interpom ’21

Dewulf, full-liner in agricultural machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, will present its Enduro harvester at the Interpom 2021 event on 28 – 30 November. The new 4-row self-propelled harvester was first unveiled to the public during an online event last year. Dewulf is proud to introduce the new Enduro for the first time in person at the international trade fair for the potato sector in Kortrijk (BE).

Dewulf will also bring a great number of other machines to the Interpom event: alongside the Enduro, the Dewulf stand will feature the RCA3060 and MHC 241 as well.

The following machines and innovations will be on display at the Dewulf stand (413/414) during Interpom:

Enduro: the latest 4-row self-propelled harvester in the Dewulf range

Dewulf launched their new harvester last year during the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore the public had to learn about the new machine online. The numerous visitors had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with this self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester on tyres that combines decades of expertise with innovative technologies. The result is a powerful harvester that excels in product-friendliness, capacity and ease of use.

The company is now proud to present the Enduro at Interpom.

It is the only harvester in the world to have sieving webs that do not narrow anywhere along the length of the machine, resulting in optimal sieving quality. Another unique feature is the driver’s ability to easily and steplessly adjust the inclination of the cleaning module between 0° and 12°, based on the cleaning requirements in the field. Moreover, the module with axial rollers can be bypassed at any inclination angle for greater flexibility.

What’s more, the Enduro features Soil-Saver technology that gives it the best ground pressure figures (max. 1.8 kg/cm²) in its segment. Thanks to the new control unit with large, intuitive touchscreen and ergonomic N-joystick, working with this harvester is also exceptionally enjoyable.

The Dewulf Enduro’s unique ring elevator has been given the name Fill-Tastic and combines capacity with product-friendliness. After all, the ring elevator has a high capacity of 200 tonnes/hour while working at a very potato-friendly, automatically regulated speed. The 2-part bunker with cleaning discharge elevator, having a practical volume of 10 tonnes, is the largest in its segment.

RCA3060: 2-row self-propelled sieving harvester with C-elevator

The RCA3060 is a variant that is seeing increasing interest from prospective R3060-series buyers. The 2-row sieving harvester features a 1600 mm wide C-elevator that provides exceptionally product-friendly conveyance of the product to the sorting unit. The harvester is equipped with an axial module with 18 rollers, the speed and angle (-20° to 5°) of which are adjustable from the cabin.

If extra cleaning is desired, the inspection table can be optionally equipped with an Easyclean unit having 3 smooth rollers alternating with deformable spiral rollers. The waste is discharged from the machine via a waste web. When more intensive cleaning is required, 2 Easyclean units (3 + 3 adjustable in height, direction of rotation, and rotational speed) can be fitted.

MHC 241: receiving hopper with a practical volume of up to 20m³ and a double stone and clod separator

The MHC241 receiving hopper at the trade fair will be equipped with 2 cleaning units, fitted with 8 spiral rollers each, cleaned by the Clean-Boost. With this option, the speed of the electrically driven PU rollers can be boosted briefly to remove caked-on soil, so as to maintain optimum cleaning capacity. The double stone and clod separator, in turn, provides perfectly cleaned product.

No fewer than 11 machines at the Dewulf stand

In addition to the machines mentioned above, 8 other machines will be featured at the stand.

  • SC 300: 3m wide, low-maintenance rotary cultivator, front mounted. With its large rotor diameter (650 mm) you till deeper, so you always loosen sufficient soil to achieve optimum ridge formation.
  • CP 42: mounted 4-row cup planter with a bunker volume of 2 tonnes. The CP planters are designed for potato growers who demand exceptionally high planting precision, minimal maintenance costs and a very simple control system.
  • Structural 30: trailed belt planter that plants either 3 rows in a single bed or 2 rows. The machine is equipped with the patented Inclino Master® technology via which the planting element and bunker are always kept horizontal.
  • P3K Profi: The P3K Profi has been an acclaimed machine in Dewulf’s line up of top lifting harvesters for years. Now, for the first time, there is also a sieving harvesting unit available with hedgehog unit for harvesting potatoes.
  • MC 780: Single belt conveyor, 7 metres long and 80 cm wide. This belt conveyor is equipped with the Weight-Control weighing device.
  • ML 1980: fully automatic store loader, 16 metres long and 80 cm wide. Through use of the Premium filling program, this machine can fill a store completely automatically – without supervision – in perfect layers and with care for product-friendliness.
  • MB 111: Fully automatic box filler providing a high capacity of 80 boxes/hour, with a minimum of forklift movements. This machine can simultaneously supply a stack of 3 empty boxes that are automatically filled and stacked in twos.
  • Web Grader: Product-friendly, separate web grader. This machine can be flexibly deployed behind various brands of receiving hoppers and helps achieve efficient sorting by product size.

To celebrate Dewulf’s 75th jubilee, the company has another surprise in store for you…

Source: Dewulf
Photo: The Enduro

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