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Scottish seed growers celebrate 50 years of high standards

The ground-breaking organisation first set up by Scottish seed potato growers in the 1970s to encourage the best use of cutting edge seed multiplication technology will celebrate its 50th anniversary this weekend.

The Scotsman reports that the Pre Basic Growers Association, formerly the Virus Tested Stem Cutting Growers Association, is to mark the anniversary with a gala dinner, in Inverness tonight (November 26). The association’s 40-plus members produce the early generations of high-grade seed potatoes from thousand of disease free mini-tubers. The association was established in 1971 with the aim of encouraging the highest technical standards of seed production.

There were 1,281 pre-basic seed crops grown across 852 hectares by approved growers in Scotland in 2021, providing some of the initial stock for the country’s high health status seed potato crop, widely recognised around the globe as well as acting as the seedstock for the UK’s £4 billion potato industry.

The association helps ensures top quality production by its members through regular technical meetings, annual farm visits and occasional study visits to seed producing countries overseas.

Source: The Scotsman. Read the full story here
Photo: High quality seed potatoes. Courtesy The Scotsman

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