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AgroScout acquires assets of TerrAvion, broadens imagery capabilities in agro-data management

AgroScout agro analytics platform announced today that it acquired the assets of TerrAvion, a market leader in imagery data management for agriculture.

The acquisition fuels AgroScout’s high-resolution agriculture aerial imagery capabilities and agro data artificial intelligence for a wide range of crops. Effective immediately, current AgroScout and TerrAvion clients will have access to a powerful combination of aerial and satellite imagery products and precision agriculture services for their fields.

The AgroScout crop-monitoring and analytics platform collects user-generated data to create powerful AI tools providing actionable insights in crop management. The platform enables improved yield predictions prior to harvest and delivers top processors, agribusinesses, and farmers an affordable way to build more competitive, sustainable, and environment-friendly food and agriculture supply chains. AgroScout now manages more agricultural projects in the US, Brazil, and Mexico.

With the acquisition of TerrAvion, AgroScout strengthens its agro analytics capabilities in providing enhanced features such as high-resolution NDVI services and high-definition RGB and is honored to continue their vision of bringing technology to every farm on the planet.

AgroScout CEO & Founder Simcha Shore comments: “AgroScout is committed to serving processors, agro retailers, and grower clients with new complementary services. We are especially excited about the synergy we will be able to immediately provide for our users and stakeholders.”

AgroScout is an agro analytic platform empowering crop-monitoring that collects user-generated data to create timely analytics providing actionable insights. AgroScout eliminates the need for costly time consuming of field operators and long training. TerrAvion, has been one of the market leaders in imagery data management, and one of the leaders of the precision agriculture sector for several years.

Source: AgroScout
Further information:
Tel: 972-509015008

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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