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‘Finding a new direction for the potato industry’: 23rd Annual SACAPP Potato Growers Conference

Organised by Scotland’s Rural College, the 23nd annual conference of the SAC Association of Potato Producers (SACAPP) will take place on Wednesday January 26, 2022. The conference will be virtual only due to COVID restrictions, according to the organisers.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Finding a new direction for the potato industry’. After Brexit, AHDB, COVID and COP26 and along with increasing production costs a future direction is sorely needed. The organisers say they “aim to challenge and inform.”

Dr Phil Burgess of will open proceedings and set the scene for the day. Presenters include:

  • Steven Jack, Managing Director, Organic Potato Growers and Nessgro
  • Prof Simon Pearson, Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology
  • Graham Tomalin, VCS Potatoes Ltd
  • Julian Bell, SAC Consulting
  • Sandy McGowan (Chair BPTA), Patrick Hughes (SOAS), Colm McDonnell (IPM) and Alistair Melrose (J&E Smillie)
  • Dr Stuart Wale, SAC Consulting
  • Dr Neil Gudmestad, North Dakota State University, USA
  • Dr Ingo Hein, Dr Mark Taylor and Dr Alison Lees. James Hutton Institute
  • Phil Burgess, Innes Jessiman, and Kyran Maloney, SAC Consulting

For further information and to buy tickets, visit this website.

Source: SACAPP
Photo: Courtesy The Scottish Farmer

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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