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Hash browns disappear from McDonald’s Japan branches, country’s potato shortage continues

Supply line troubles between Japan and North America rob fans of breakfast bliss. As Casey Baseel reports for SoraNews24, it was with great sadness that McDonald’s Japan suspended sales of medium and large-size orders of French fries in mid-December, but the nation’s spud supporters soldiered through the dark days thanks to the promise that this was only a temporary measure until the end of the year.

Unfortunately, that ray of hope was extinguished a few days ago when McDonald’s announced that the fry rationing measures will continue until approximately the end of January as a result of the chain’s continuing potato shortage.

Now comes more sad news, as McDonald’s is also suspending sales of hash browns in Japan.

Over last weekend, customers at some McDonald’s Japan branches started seeing poster-size notices informing them that the same conditions that have led to the fry rationing, flooding damage at the port of Vancouver and the continuing worldwide coronavirus pandemic disrupting their supply line of potatoes imported from North America, are forcing the chain to take their hashed browns, or “hash potato,” as they’re called in Japanese, off the menu.

Source: SoraNews24. Read the full story here
Photo: Courtesy SoraNews24

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