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Tong raises the bar for big bag filling in 2022 with the new JetFill filler

Tong is pleased to announce its first new product development for 2022 with the launch of the new edition JetFill big bag filler.

“The JetFill has always been a popular machine in our home and export markets,” says Charlie Rich, Sales Director at Tong Engineering. “With this in mind, the new JetFill has been carefully fine-tuned to incorporate enhancements to the machine’s proven design, as well as the introduction of the most advanced controls. These developments combined have allowed us to really streamline the performance of the JetFill, making it even easier to use and more efficient than before.”

The JetFill is Tong’s highest capacity big bag filler which offers automated and gentle big bag filling. Capable of filling up to 40 big bags per hour, the new model for 2022 is designed to handle a wider range of bag sizes up to 2700mm high.

Designed with throughput and careful handling at the fore, the JetFill features two bag-lifting platforms to which empty bags are presented on a pallet. The uniquely designed bag frame allows the machine’s bag-holding arms to be lowered for easy attachment and the bag platform automatically raises the empty bag to the reversible feed conveyor. The new model features an enhanced bag frame design which ensures the raised position of the bag platform is even closer to the feed conveyor to guarantee the gentlest transfer of crop.

As the bag fills, the platform automatically lowers until the bag is full to level. Users can also specify the machine to fill to weight. On completion of the filling cycle the platform lower further and away from the bag, allowing the bag to hang to achieve an even fill and accurate weight. Once the full bag is rested back onto the platform, another enhanced feature sees the bag holding arms retracting automatically to release the bag hooks, allowing the bag to be swiftly removed from the JetFill without any manual intervention.

The machine’s new capabilities can also be easily selected and controlled with the option of Tong’s intelligent Auto-Touch HMI control, allowing the user to quickly and easily select bag sizes at the touch of the screen as well as receive full diagnostics capabilities. This brings enhanced flexibility and fully-automated adjustment of the machine’s settings.

“The new JetFill has already received lots of interest from customers that we’d been working with towards the end of last year and were able to give them a preview the new advancements,” explains Charlie. “We’ve subsequently specified the machine within their turnkey projects, and are delighted that as a result we have already have received multiple orders for the new model worldwide, including in the USA, Canada and Turkey.

“The new model is designed in a way that makes it very easy to be disassembled for transport, and re-assembled and commissioned very simply too, making it the ideal bag filling solution for vegetable producers of all sizes worldwide.”

Source: Tong Engineering
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