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CFIA’s consultation request on the size of cubes in canned potatoes ridiculed on Twitter

This past Friday, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) posted this following on its Twitter feed @InspectionCan: “We want to hear from you! We’re seeking comments from Canadians on a proposed change to the size of diced white #potatoes sold in cans. Our consultation is open until February 21, 2022. Check out the proposed change:

The response from Twitter was swift and ongoing – many of the replies ridiculing the agency for wasting time and money on what some Twitter users believe to be a rather trivial matter, especially at this particular time. Other Tweets are dripping with sarcasm. We post some of the replies to CFIA below.

Peter McDougall @RassicotPete Replying to @InspectionCan

Really? This is what you want to hear from Canadians about? Solve the PEI potato crisis and then let’s talk about the size of diced friggin potatoes

Kristina McLane @mudlanegoldens Replying to @InspectionCan

Fix the PEI potato border issue instead of dealing with this nonsense!

Dr. Adam Ogieglo @AOgieglo Replying to @InspectionCan

Only a month long consultation period? That isn’t nearly long enough to make such important decisions!

Lord James @iamLordJames Replying to @InspectionCan

This is great news. The current size of diced white canned potatoes has troubled me for many many years. I’d be honoured to join the consultation process.

Jared Conway @JaredJConway Replying to @InspectionCan

I am relieved to see that this issue is finally going to be addressed. I have been laying awake at night worrying about it for months!

PEIStarfish @PeiStarfish Replying to @InspectionCan

Seriously? SMH. What a waste of $ and time. Here’s an idea…How about resolving the ban on our PEI potatoes instead?

Linda Frey @ljfrey27 Replying to @InspectionCan

Really?? You mean this isn’t just a very early April Fools joke?

Prairie Dawn @PrairieDawn821 Replying to @InspectionCan

This is the most hilarious tweet I’ve ever read.

Alan Smith @Alan_G_Smith_BC Replying to @InspectionCan

We have become the EU. Except that in the EU these kind of childish expenditures can be amortized across 300 plus million people. In Canada we only have roughly 38 million people to bear the burden of this absurdity.

Matthew Basmadjian @MatthewPB63 Replying to @InspectionCan

We are a very serious country with strong priorities…

Source: Twitter / CFIA Twitter handle @InspectionCan
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Photo: CFIA

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