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Canada is hashing out its canned potato problem and the reactions are hilarious

Canada’s spud conundrum is no small potatoes and it’s causing quite the commotion on Twitter. On Friday, January 21, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) tweeted a call-out asking for feedback. As Sarah Anderson writes on dished, they want to know: is it ok if they change the size of cubed and diced potatoes sold in cans?

And the reactions to this post have been something.

Judging by the mixed reactions on Twitter, CFIA will definitely have a full inbox of opinions. First, many were surprised to learn about the existence of canned potatoes and doubted their relevance.

Others questioned if the discourse was a good allocation of government resources. “We’re not exactly riding the gravy train as a country running a historic deficit following COVID-19.”

Source: Dished. Full story here
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