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Turkish potato equipment manufacturer aims to become worldwide brand, expanding in North America

Özbil Agricultural Machinery Ltd was established in 1978 in a region centered on potato farming in Turkey. The company prides itself on producing custom manufactured machines suitable for the soils and the tractors in the region, and says it works closely with customers in the continuous development of its machines.

After completing several intensive studies since its founding, Özbil Agricultural Machinery expanded its field of work and has become a leader in potato production machinery used for potato production in Turkey. The company produces equipment suitable for all soil types in Turkey.

“By expanding our field of activity after 2017, Özbil’s machines have become the focus of attention in the Middle East, North Africa and South America,” says the company’s Export Manager, Mert Yel in a press release. “Today, we sell our equipment in 27 countries on 5 continents,” he points out.

Customer focused service

“The primary goal of our company is to ensure customer satisfaction, and the feedback we receive from our customers is our most important guide in the continous development of our machines,” Mr Yel says. “It is our priority to try to respond to different soil conditions, climatic conditions and customer requirements in different regions. With our 44 years of experience and the help of our expert staff, we take great care to ensure only the best quality at every stage the production phase of our machines.”

Özbil provides a 2 year factory warranty and 10 year spare part supply guarantee for the machines it sells. The company specializes in container loading, and always monitors the shipping process as machines make their way to reach target countries. When needed, staff would go to the target country and carry out maintenance tasks.

“Our company also provides both pre-sales and post-sales consultancy services,” Mert Yel says. “We always do our best to establish excellent communication with all our customers. We carefully listen to their suggestions and offer faster solutions to their problems thanks to the direct factory-customer relationship we establish with our customers.”

Wide product range

Some of the large range of agricultural equipment Özbil Agricultural Machinery offers include:

  • Two and four row automatic potato planters
  • Potato harvesters
  • Three and four row grass mowers
  • Hoeing machines with and without fertilizer
  • Garden and field type rotovators (rototillers)
  • Tractor backhoes
  • Corn planters

Read the company’s Product Catalogue here.

“We we all intention to become a worldwide brand with our new investments,” says Mert Yel. “Our products have been adopted by potato producers all over the world and attracted great attention.”

“We also aim to enlarge our current customer base in North America. We would welcome enquiries from interested parties in Canada and the U.S.,” Mr Yel says.

Some of the countries where Özbil Agricultural Machinery are sold include the following:

Poland (Distributor), Germany (Distributor), Italy (Distributor), Bulgaria (Distributor), Montenegro (Distributor), Morocco (Distributor), Kenya (Distributor), Zambia (Distributor), Japan (Distributor), Uzbekistan (Distributor), Georgia (Distributor) and Chile (Distributor).

Source: Özbil Agricultural Machinery Ltd
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Mert Yel, Export Manager
Product catalogue

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