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‘Potato Field Guide: Insects, Diseases and Defects’ now available

The aim of this Field Guide, published by OMAFRA in Canada, is to help growers, scouts and crop advisors identify diseases, insects, and other problems found in potatoes. The Guide was edited by potato specialist, Dr. Eugenia Banks.

It includes 554 colour photographs. The symptoms of each disease are shown in a chronological sequence of development, and disease-lookalikes are indicated for each of them. A section on some quarantine pests not present in the province is included to make growers, scouts and crop advisors aware of such potential problems.

Several potato researchers from the US have indicated that the Potato Field Guide is an outstanding potato publication with concise and straightforward information for the field identification of potato pests and other problems. The Guide was reviewed by renowned potato researchers such as Neil Gudmestad and Gary Secor.

The Guide is only available as a PDF document. To order a free copy, visit this link, or contact:

Lockwood Mfg



Tolsma Grisnich


Picketa Systems



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