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Canadian private potato breeders elect new leadership, share expertise and genetic material

At the annual meeting of the Canadian Private Potato Breeders Network (CPPBN) on January 26, 2022, the group elected Dr Robert Coffin as President for a 2-year term. Robert has had an illustrious career as a potato specialist working both in the public and private sectors. Along with his wife Joyce they have their own private breeding program, which has released several outstanding potato varieties including the cultivar Prospect.

The Network greatly appreciates and thank Andre Gagnon of Progest/Quebec Parmentier for his leadership as President over the past 2 years.

Dr Newton Yorinori was elected as Vice President. Newton leads the large scale newly established potato breeding program for Cavendish Farms in Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

The CPPBN is a network of private breeders representing 7 potato breeding programs from across Canada who share expertise and genetic material amongst themselves and cooperate with many public institutions on an individual basis.

The CPPBN members have released numerous potato varieties that are currently grown in North America and are being evaluated in many other countries of the Southern Hemisphere as well as Asia.

Source: Canadian Private Potato Breeders Network (CPPBN)
Photo: Dr Robert Coffin
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