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AgroScout interviews renowned entomologist during conference event

AgroScout is an ag-tech company that aims to improve yield quality and quantity through visual inspection in the field. The company believes the main challenges in agriculture and crop management are pest and disease detection in crop management, seed emergence estimation for future yield, healthy and homogenous plant growth, and environmental damage.

Representatives from AgroScout attended the recent Washington Oregon Potato Conference 2022 event. They shared information about how the company we can help agriculture in better crop monitoring, sustainability and efficiency.

During the event, AgroScout was joined by a special guest, Dr. Alan Schreiber. He received a PhD degree in entomology, worked for the EPA in Washington DC, and moved west to do research and work as a professor at Washington State University. Alan is the owner and operator of Agriculture Development Group, Inc., (ADG) an agriculture research and consulting company. ADG conducts research on about 30 commodities each year on a 100-acre farm.

Watch the interview with Dr. Schreiber below, or on YouTube here.
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Source: AgroScout
Photo: AgroScout / Twitter

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