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‘Combined processing excellence now a reality’: Kiremko and FAM Stumabo announce global partnership

Kiremko and FAM Stumabo have entered into a long-term global partnership. Kiremko is a world leader in the manufacturing of turnkey potato processing lines. FAM Stumabo is known globally for its progressive industrial potato cutting solutions and innovative shapes produced by hydro-cutting technology.   

In this partnership, FAM – a Kiremko partner for more than 20 years – will supply mechanical cutting systems, and Stumabo will provide precision blades and expertise to integrate the best blades in Kiremko’s hydro-cutting systems. Stumabo will cover the complete and direct fulfilment of blades for Kiremko customers.

Long-term strategy

Kiremko, with its outstanding potato processing and machine building knowledge, will exclusively use Stumabo knives in its innovative cutting line and hydro cutters.

In the short term, this partnership will lead to efficient logistics and thus cost savings for the customer. Optimization will take place in cutting lines regarding the overall service life of knife blocks, which will result in improved raw product cutting and considerable reduction in waste product, with the added benefit of reduced down time.

In the long term, these efficiency gains will lead to noticeable cost reduction for customers. In addition, Kiremko and FAM Stumabo are continuously working on improvements to the cutting systems with the aim of producing a better product of even higher quality. Enhanced sustainability is top of mind by reducing waste and optimal use of raw material – all of which contribute to eventual customer success.

Strengthened parnership

“I am delighted by Kiremko’s choice to integrate our chip gun blades into their cutting heads,” says Wilfried Rombauts, Sales Director at Stumabo International. “I am convinced that our customers stand to win a lot from this partnership. This conviction is reinforced by the already very successful collaboration of FAM with Kiremko, which we at Stumabo intend to reinforce and enhance even further with our contribution as a partner.”

World class quality products for customers

According to Marcel van Huissteden, Kiremko Director: “We are very excited to announce the partnership with Stumabo, although at the same time it feels very familiar because we have been working with FAM for many years. We have no doubt about what we can achieve together as a team, since both companies are delivering products of world class quality to customers. It’s a good match. I can hardly wait for our customers to reap the benefits of this unique partnership.”

Specialized delivery of total potato processing equipment solutions

Kiremko is a Dutch company founded in 1965 and based in The Netherlands. As a world leader in the manufacture of process lines for the potato processing industry, it focuses on product development, continuous improvement, innovation, sustainable technology, and cooperation to ensure, we give added value to every customer.  With a team of over 180 qualified personnel and partners, the company innovate, design, manufacture, and install advanced processing lines worldwide. Kiremko is specialized in lines to process potatoes into French fries, potato chips, potato flakes, pellet snacks, fresh-cut and pre-cooked potato products such as hash browns, and other potato specialties.

Kiremko’s strength is to deliver total solutions in potato processing from the infeed of product to the packaging line resulting in a high-quality end product. Their success is achieved by working in total co-operation with our customers to achieve their specific requirements. The company aims to get the best out of the product and the customers’ process line.

Progressive industrial potato cutting solutions

Stumabo International | PotatoPro

Stumabo International, a manufacturer of precision blades for the food processing industry, produces several million blades per year. Stumabo is known in the industry for its progressive industrial potato cutting solutions, and innovative shapes produced through hydro cutting systems. Craftmanship, experience, and precision blades go hand in hand.

Stumabo International and FAM are an integral part of the Hifferman Group, an international family holding, which is active now for three generations. The Hifferman Group focuses on the manufacturing of precision and high-quality cutting equipment and components for the food processing industry worldwide.

Source: Kiremko | Stumabo | FAM
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