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Atzmona foresees earlier-than-usual demand for potatoes in Europe following rainy summer

Uncertain potato quality due to harsh weather conditions last summer and suboptimal harvest conditions are expected to lead to an earlier-than-usual demand for imported potatoes as has already been witnessed by growing interest in the produce of Atzmona Potatoes Production L.T.D., a leading Israeli supplier of regular and organic potatoes and carrots.

Heavy rains and floods in Central European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium, harmed part of the potato crop and affected the available product quality. This was translated into earlier-than-usual demand for off-season produce from Israeli suppliers.

“We felt obligated to respond to customers requests and advance the supply this season,” said Eitan Botzer, Atzmona’s managing director. “This season will be very challenging due to a combination of extreme weather events.”

Last month, southern Israel, where most local potato growers operate, was hit by ground frost. After two days the damage could be seen on the plant’s foliage. As a result, the plant strives to preserve its existing tubers in the soil instead of investing resources in development. The cold will undoubtedly have affected the size of the product as well as the overall crop per hectare.

“Customers are busy calculating the produce in storage and adjusting it to remaining consumption months,” Botzer said. “The challenging global logistical obstacles contribute their share to requests for adjusting shipment size and early delivery. Our logistics department has prepared a special lineup to meet future interest in order to provide European customers with fresh produce of excellent quality.”

In one week, Atzmona’s growers will start collecting table and baby potatoes designated for shipping to the Spanish market. This harvest, Atzmona’s earliest ever, was undertaken to meet a special request from a Spanish retailer.

Atzmona growers are also currently preparing to start harvesting spuds of the Georgina and Orchestra varieties, which are preferred by European consumers. Customers are showing specific interest in the Maris Piper variety and small cooking potatoes.

Source: Atzmona Potatoes Production L.T.D
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Atzmona Potatoes Production L.T.D is a leading Israeli exporter of conventional and organic potatoes and carrots, offering quality fresh produce to the European market. Since its inception in 1999, Atzmona’s produce has been sold in more than ten countries across Europe, supplying various varieties of potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes to some of the continent’s leading supermarkets, chains and retailers.

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