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Danish potato protein to improve plant-based meat solutions

As the first in the world, the innovative Danish ingredients company KMC has managed to create textured potato protein that can be used as an ingredient in plant-based meat.

KMC says in a press release the unique properties of potato protein have the potential to revolutionize plant-based meat products with an improved texture and nutritional values. The innovation is part of KMC’s strategy to find new uses for potato-based ingredients.

The plant-based market is on the rise and will grow significantly over the coming years. The modern consumer wants to reduce their meat intake but lacks innovative options available at supermarkets, that will help ease the transition towards a plant-based diet.

The Danish company KMC has taken a significant step towards a plant-based future, as they have managed to innovate extracted potato protein from being a powder ingredient into being a product with a structure very similar to meat.

The development of the potato protein is a part of KMCs innovation program where they create plant-based ingredients that can replace animal-based ingredients in food. KMC replaced 26,600 tonnes of animal ingredients in 20/21. An increase of 13 percent compared to the previous year. KMC aims to replace 39.000 tons of animal ingredients with plant-based ingredients in the financial season 2024/2025.

Source: KMC. Read the full release here

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