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Mexico raises barriers to expanded U.S. potato exports

Shutting down U.S. fresh potato industry expectations for expanded access in early 2022, the government of Mexico has raised new hurdles to access, reports Tom Karst for The Packer.

USDA officials disclosed Mexico’s new demands Feb. 17 during a web seminar with industry officials, said Kam Quarles, CEO of the National Potato Council. For fresh table stock shipments from the U.S., Quarles said Mexico is demanding a new requirement for additional packer site visits during the growing season, a demand that was not in the work plan published last year.

Given the likely timing of these visits, he said fresh shipments to Mexico could be delayed until fall or later. Expanded Mexican market access could be worth $150 million to U.S. potato growers, Quarles said. “We are urging USDA to push Mexico to reconsider these statements and fulfill its market access commitments,” Quarles said in the release.

Source: The Packer. Read the full story here

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