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Kiremko issued a steam peeling patent by the US Patent Office

Kiremko B.V. is proud to announce the issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers the company’s system for steam peeling of products having a skin.

This unique concept is reflected in the steam peeling vessel of the market-leading Strata Invicta® steam peeler, developed by the globally operating company and its partners Idaho Steel and Reyco. The patent for invention number 11,185,103 is for a steam vessel that – due to its innovativeness and robustness – gives an optimal peeling result and also lasts much longer than other peeling vessels.

Best peeling results worldwide

“This latest patent makes claims in connection with our technology that allows ultimate robustness in vessel design as well as very impressive yield improvements in steam peeling.” says Eric van Oorschot, one of the inventors. “This and many other unique technologies have already been patented by Kiremko in most parts of the world. We are very happy that we have now been granted the patent in the USA.”

The Strata Invicta® steam peeler with its patented steam peeling vessel is the world’s best steam peeler on the market. Unique deep-sea technology used in vessel manufacturing, ensures ultra-even pressure distribution. It is ultimately balanced by self-correcting it’s positions for high speed mixing, offering the best peeling results.

“With up to 25% shorter peeling time than any other steam peeler, the Strata Invicta® not only provides the best peeling result, the peeler also uses a lot less steam.”

Peel Guard® for further optimization

To optimize efficiency of the STRATA Invicta® steam peeler Kiremko designed the Kiremko PeelGuard®. The PeelGuard® is an optical in-line inspection, equipped with a weigh belt, so the exact peel result can be calculated accurately.

The system detects the thickness of the removed skin and cooking ring, in order to continuously optimize the steam peeler settings. This way, the PeelGuard® guarantees a constantly optimized peeling yield and up-to-date information with respect to quality of raw material used. This information can be made available to the customer’s MES and/or ERP systems.

A PeelGuard® Connect system is also available, connecting the Kiremko Strata Invicta® steam peeler to an Insort Sherlock® optical sorter, for the same functionality.

30 Strata Invicta® steam peelers in 30 months

Last year, Kiremko announced that they had sold over 30 Strata Invicta® steam peelers in 30 months, and the counter is still running. Customers experience the benefits of the patented technology of Kiremko and its partners Idaho Steel and Reyco on a daily basis. Want to know what customers have to say? Check out

Source: Kiremko B.V.
Kiremko is a Dutch company founded in 1965 and based in The Netherlands. With a team of over 180 qualified personnel and partners, Kiremko innovate, design, manufacture and install advanced processing lines worldwide. Together with partners Idaho Steel and Reyco, it specializes in lines to process potatoes into French fries, potato chips, potato flakes, pellet snacks, fresh-cut and pre-cooked potato products such as hash browns and other potato specialties.

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