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Fury as Scottish govt approves deal by PepsiCo to send seed potatoes from Aberdeen to Russia

The Scottish government sparked fury after it approved a deal by PepsiCo to send seed potatoes to to be planted in Russia even though many companies have pulled out of doing business in the country.

As Chris Matthews reports for Mailonline in a £600,000 deal with Aberdeen’s Saltire Seed, 2,000 tons of seed potatoes will be delivered to Russian farmers by a convoy of 100 lorries.

Even Pepsi stopped selling drinks in Russia after Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

Although PepsiCo said the deal was legal and certified by Nicola Sturgeon’s government it has faced backlash from the Ukrainian community. Iryna Terlecky, the head of the Association of Ukrainians in Britain, said it was wrong to approve the exports. ‘We hope that they will reconsider and do what is morally right,’ she told The Times.

Source: Daily Mail. Read the full story here
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