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U.S. potato industry on a mission to share sustainability story

Potato growers say that producers should be sharing their sustainability efforts and how they benefit consumers and the planet. 

According to a news report by RFD TV, the Potato Sustainability Alliance says that many people outside of agriculture do not know that farmers are already taking steps to be more sustainable. They are working on ways they can move sustainability forward for the potato industry, and how they can share that with their buyers.

Says executive director, John Mesko: “We can be more targeted, we can be more efficient, we can be using fertilizers, and other inputs at a more optimum time, or something like that. Maybe, it’s machine technology that allows us to plant more efficiently and get it all planted in a window or harvested within a window, and be more controlling of the growing season.”

Source: RFD TV. Original story and a related video here
Cover image: Courtesy Potato Sustainability Alliance

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