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Video: Ukrainian farmers fight to grow food amid war

Spring sowing has begun across western Ukraine but with raging war in the country, the prospects of completing it successfully look bleak for many Ukrainian farmers. Ukrainian farmer Terras Mansiok owns a family farm near Lviv. In an interview with Reuters, he described the difficulties he and other farmers in Ukraine are dealing with now.

He said he’s facing a shortage of pesticides and herbicides. Along with rising prices there was a significant increase in the cost of fertilizers as well and more than 100 percent on products he uses to protect his crops because they are mainly pegged to the U.S. dollar.

Mansiok said diesel fuel has increased in price by about 60 percent and this has a huge influence on his operation. He expects to make difficult decisions if things get worse in the coming weeks.

The video below courtesy Reuters – also watch it on the Reuters YouTube channel here.

Source: Reuters
Photo: Courtesy DLG e.V.

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