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Volm unveils brand new Volmpack Adjustable Dual Wicket Bagger

Volm Companies is more than just a packaging provider. Over the years, Volm has grown to become one of the industry’s leading sources for both its packaging and equipment solutions. The company says it has achieved this by “serving customers the high value solutions they need along with the personalized customer service they deserve“. 

With the world of packaging and packing equipment vast and ever-changing, Volm notes in a news release: “We strive to be the experts for you. We work to bring you real-time solutions for solving today’s issues and demands.  Most recently, we were asked by our customers to help them overcome a challenge they’ve been facing in packaging a variety of size profiles of produce into various sizes of wicketed-style bags. Our customers spoke and we listened.”

Versatile new wicker bagger introduced

Volm Companies is excited to introduce the most versatile wicket bagger ever, the Volmpack Adjustable Dual Wicket Bagger.

The Volmpack Adjustable Dual Wicket Bagger is said to be “a revolutionary new automatic wicket bagger” that efficiently processes the full range of typical fresh produce bag sizes on a single bagger at amazing speeds.

Says Dan Husnick, Equipment Product Manager for Volm Companies: “We were asked by our customers to come up with a way to pack many different types and sizes of product into a full range of bag sizes on a single bagger.  Previously, wicket baggers were only available with either small, standard, or extra-large fill openings which was an issue for packers who wanted to run wide range of both bag and produce sizes. 

“They spoke, so we listened and went to work. The new Volmpack Adjustable Wicket Bagger accomplishes this as it can pack from one to up to twenty pounds of produce at high speeds. We also added V-feeding belts as an option for the new Adjustable Wicket Bagger to improve singulation of product which helps prevent bridging or plugging of product in the fill opening.”

Easy switching between different size product and bags

Traditionally, wicket baggers were available only with either a small, standard, or extra-large fill opening which was problematic for packers who wanted to run a wider range of both bag and product sizes on the same bagger.

“This bagger partners well with many of our post popular Volmpack weighers and can pack at speeds up to 60 bags per minute,” Volm says in its news release.

Users can easily adjust this bagger when switching between different size product and bags without the need for change parts. The V-Feeding belts prevent bridging of product for a clean fill, while the closure post is provided for use with automatic closures, staplers, and tape heads.

Enhanced efficiency

According to Marsha Pozza, Director of Marketing for Volm Companies, Inc. Volm’s wicket bagger is already regarded as a familiar workhorse in North American packing sheds.

“What better way to compliment this model than to transform it into something even more efficient for the packers? The adjustable fill opening technology makes it much more convenient than ever before to make changes on the fly.

“The fact that you don’t have to stock extra parts in order to make those adjustments from one size bag to another is an added bonus.”

Source: Volm Companies Inc.
Cover image: Volmpack Adjustable Dual Wicket Bagger

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