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KisanHub’s new crop monitoring tool extends into stores

Agri-food software developer KisanHub has launched a digital Store Monitoring tool to complement its extensive range of tools for collecting supply chain data. This Store Monitoring tool is the first in-app tool dedicated to monitoring crops in-store, KisanHub says in a news release.

A variety of people including agronomists and field officers all monitor stores, leading to inconsistent data which is not easily accessible to everyone. This typically involves using pen and paper to transfer the information into spreadsheets. However, you cannot attach images or have this historical data when you were last in the field or store, therefore levels of progressive defects can become a challenging issue to deal with.

This new tool enables a user and their controlled network to stay informed of the condition of all their crops in store, at any given time or place by accessing the simple KisanHub platform. Crops scattered across multiple geographies, that you cannot visit, or have never seen, are visible to you from your desk or mobile. Data collected by your staff or third parties, such as environmental conditions, movement dates, defects, pests or diseases can be supplemented with notes and images and automatically shared with you.

The recommended movement date also allows the KisanHub store inventory to be ordered to help prioritise the movement of crops available to you. Quickly see which crops will store for longer and which need to be moved on. This helps to minimise waste and, combined with our quality assessment tool, can ensure the right produce is getting to the right place at the right time. Being able to assess the severity of pest, disease or defect observations allows filtering by risk level on the web to identify the crops that need further inspection or treatment to prevent further wastage.

Giles Barker, CEO said: “Our customers are always at the core of what we do, so when they explained the different purposes for storing crops to meet customer and market requirements such as the space required, preparation, layout, pest control and environmental conditions; we were keen to build an innovative tool to help them collect and share this information with their network, which aids decision making.”

Jonny Kerley, Head of Product said: “The Monitor module is one of the most popular features on the KisanHub Platform, so we are excited to expand its features to include Store Monitoring.  We believe crop monitoring should be as easy and enjoyable a process in store as it is in the field. Extending to store monitoring was a natural complement to our other tools that collect data throughout the product lifecycle – the environment differs, but it is still the same crop.”

KisanHub’s main mantra is simplicity, and this is seen in the tools they create that bring the most value to customers. The online platform bridges the information gap in the fresh produce supply chain, between Farm Management Software and ERP systems in the packhouse, from seed to sale. In respect of food production data, coming up with practical ways to improve sustainability is quickly becoming a priority for everyone in agriculture and moving to a digital, data-led system can significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

More efficient Store Monitoring is not just good news for fresh produce Supplier Groups; the benefits are passed on to the whole food production process from grower to consumer, as food waste is reduced, thanks to a more efficient supply chain.

From 1st March 2022, the new Store Monitoring tool is available free of charge for all KisanHub customers who are subscribed to Monitor. If you’re not a customer and would like a free 30-day trial of the KisanHub Platform, please contact or visit

Source: KisanHub. View the original release here and watch video
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