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‘Every Resource Counts’: TOMRA food announces new brand strategy, affirms future direction and role in society

TOMRA Food has unveiled a new brand strategy that highlights the value it creates for customers and food production worldwide, spotlights the ambition it shares with customers, and creates cohesion with past business mergers and acquisitions.

These changes were announced today at a press conference at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin, Germany, by Tove Andersen, President and Chief Executive Officer of TOMRA, and Michel Picandet, Executive Vice President and Head of TOMRA Food.

Affirming TOMRA Food’s commitment to work even closer with growers, packers and food processors to optimize food production, bit by bit, the TOMRA Food brand name will now be accompanied for the first time by a tagline: ‘Every Resource Counts‘.

Aligning operations, making a positive difference to the world

To align TOMRA Food’s operations, which have grown over the years with mergers and acquisitions, two businesses acquired by TOMRA in 2018, Compac and BBC Technologies, now adopt the TOMRA Food brand name. These will form a newly-created business area, TOMRA Fresh Food, while TOMRA Food’s other operations become part of the TOMRA Processed Food business area.

Tove Andersen, CEO of TOMRA

Mrs. Andersen commented: “The way we tell our brand story isn’t only about communicating TOMRA Food’s current position and future ambitions. It is also part of TOMRA’s broader strategy to make a positive difference to the world we live in. We can achieve this by working closely with customers and establishing a common way of doing things to leverage strengths across the Group.

“The revised branding is also part of a strategy to attract new talent to the TOMRA group and TOMRA Food, to significantly increase our workforce by 2026.”

Mr. Picandet commented: “We are now presenting our brand in a way which recognizes how our lines of business and our customers are stronger together. Between us, we have the expertise to transform the food industry and lead the resource revolution, contributing to the sustainability agenda and helping to drive change for a better world. Keeping this perspective for the long term helps people better understand the actions needed in the short term.

“Our revised brand story also reflects how, by reformulating strategy in the last couple of years, TOMRA Food has set out on a more clearly defined path. This strategy is based on three pillars: on growth, to grow the business faster and better; on excellence, to be best-in-class in everything we do; and on talent, to take care of our people and support their development.

“Updating our brand story will also help attract new talent to TOMRA, which is important, because everything we achieve for our business and for our customers is driven by people. In fact, our people are our resource revolutionaries!”

Making every resource count

TOMRA Food’s current brand position is as ‘an innovative provider of best-in-class post-harvest solutions, intelligence, and long-term partnerships for sustainable, safe, high-quality food production’. The company strengthens its leadership position not only by designing and manufacturing the most effective sorting and grading solutions, but also by transforming advanced technology and complex information into valuable intelligence.

These capabilities matter more now than ever before because the planet’s growing population has an increasing need for safe, high-quality, and sustainable food. Sharing collective roots of knowledge in the food industry with farmers and entrepreneurs, TOMRA Food truly understands that every resource counts. And by building on its heritage with farmers and decades of entrepreneurship throughout the food industry – and by working together with growers, packers and food processors – TOMRA holds the key to optimize food production, co-creating sustainable value today and for future generations.

Michel Picandet, Executive VP and Head of TOMRA Food

Mr. Picandet said: “TOMRA has already expanded its collaborative approach from customers to partners and other industry experts to help the food supply chain in solving the challenges caused by loss of nature, the impact of climate, and mounting inequalities.

“Focusing on customer needs and using the most advanced digital solutions, we can greatly reduce food loss.

“By combining TOMRA’s deep knowledge of food categories and product-valued features, as well as digital analysis, there is a clear path forward for TOMRA Food as the undisputed global leader in providing superior intelligent sorting solutions and insights for our customers through trusted, long- term partnerships. This is good for our customers, helping to protect and empower their businesses, and good for reducing global food loss, which the world urgently needs.”

Source: TOMRA Food
TOMRA Food designs and manufactures sensor-based sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions for the food industry. The company innovates the world’s most advanced analytical technology and apply it to grading, sorting, and peeling. Over 12,800 units are installed at food growers, packers, and processors worldwide for confectionery, fruit, dried fruit, grains and seeds, potato products, proteins, nuts, and vegetables.

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