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Branston to develop potato protein for use in plant-based food

Potato supplier Branston in the UK has partnered with new technology provider Root Extracts to develop a potato plant protein for use in vegan and vegetarian food.

As Grace Duncan reports for The Grocer, the work is set to take place in a soon-to-launch £6m extraction facility in Lincolnshire – the first of its kind in the UK, Branston claimed. It will convert secondary grade low-value potatoes – those unsuitable for retail – into functional plant-based protein. The factory will also generate starch-based products for use in manufacturing.

Branston began research into potato proteins in 2013, starting from a lab-based level and scaling up to a commercially viable operation, it explained. Potato protein is high in amino acids and had a high level of functionality – meaning it could, for example, be used as an egg replacement binding agent, the supplier added.

Source: The Grocer
Photo: iStock images via Branston

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