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Global food crisis: Potato chips and candy at risk over export freeze

Supplies of potato chips and various confectionaries are now under threat as a result of disrupted export of key ingredients caused by sanctions and the Ukraine War. As Peter Caddle reports for Breitbart, Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine has led to significant disruptions in global supply chains, with the West losing access either partially or fully to some essential goods and resources from the two nations.

As a result, the supply of confectionaries such as potato chips, chocolate, pretzel sticks and a variety of other goods looks set to encounter significant difficulties, with industry experts warning that the conflict looks set to have serious impacts on their businesses.

“It’s potentially a big disruption for a company like ours,” said Geraint Hughes of Jones Welsh Snacks in an interview with the BBC.

Hughes explained to the public broadcaster that their potato chip business relies heavily on sunflower oil, the supply of which has been curtailed thanks to a variety of wartime issues, including newly implemented sanctions from Russia. Russia and Ukraine dominate the sunflower oil industry, creating some 80 per cent of the world crop, and with the two nations at war supplies are dwindling to zero.

Source: Breitbart. Read the extensive report here
Photo: Pixabay

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