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IFA: Good progress with potato planting in Ireland, consumption levels dropped in Europe

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) reports that markets remain largely unchanged at present; the Easter bank holiday created some additional demand in the food service sector. Recent dry weather has allowed good progress on maincrop preparations and plantings at this point. More growers are reported to be finished in the south east. Again, growers are reminded to plant for their individual markets as markets continue to re-configure post Covid. 

In the U.K. maincrop contracted material report much better movement but interest in free buy is still disappointing.

Across Europe in general potato prices are holding quite well but consumption levels have dropped back since Covid restrictions have eased over the last few months.

In France, it is reported that annual consumption levels have dropped back by about 10% to the end of March, mainly attributed to ‘post Covid fatigue’ and the attraction of convenience food.

Source: Irish Farmers Association

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