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Potato Sustainability Alliance launches new podcast: ‘Resource Positive Agriculture’

In episode 1 of the Resource Positive Agriculture podcast host and Executive Director of the Potato Sustainability Alliance, John Mesko shares with us the meaning behind resource positive agriculture.

Mesko brings over 30 years of positive agriculture experience to the table. He has had the opportunity to see all sides of agriculture working in a wide variety of roles all over the U.S. and Canada.

“Resource positive agriculture describes what we all want, a food and farming system which makes full and responsible use of the natural world. In this podcast, I’ll explore how agriculture can be a force for good on everything from the environment, the people, and our society,” Mesko says.

“Resource positive agriculture has no negative baggage by definition. Positive means greater than zero. Our goal is a food and farming system that has the ability to expand productivity and quality to meet the globe’s current and future needs.

“Resource positive agriculture takes all the resources involved into account, soil and water, carbon, for example, but also technological, human, and community resources as well.”

Go here to listen to the podcast.

Source: Potato Sustainability Alliance

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