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Calbee’s new ‘wet chips’ – fad or game changer?

Japanese snack companies are always looking for new and exciting ways to tantalise our taste buds, writes Oona McGee in this news article for SoraNews24. She says the country’s leading potato chip maker, Calbee, is ‘changing the game entirely’ by taking the crunch out of their potato chips, with a new product called “Nure Jaga“, which translates to “wet potato“.

As the name suggests, the new chips are moist — a word not often used to describe potato chips — and they appear to take their inspiration from “Nure Senbei“, a type of moist senbei (“rice cracker”) that’s been sold by a variety of Japanese confectioners since 1963.

Initially, Calbee’s wet potato chips were sold exclusively at the company’s Calbee+ stores, which stock their most innovative products. As of April, however, they’ve expanded sales by making them available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Source: SoraNews24. Full story here
Cover image: Courtesy and credit SoraNews24

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