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Call for Irish government support to save potato planting amid input-cost crisis

Potato planting is under threat as high input costs will lead to a decline in production unless growers are supported, the national potato chair of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), Sean Ryan has said.

As Rubina Freiberg reports for Agriland, the margin for growing potatoes has always been tight, but according to Ryan, the upcoming season will not be viable if growers don’t receive price increases.

“Many growers will simply not plant,” he said, and added that some had to pay up-front to secure necessary inputs this spring. The IFA national potato chair explained: “The planting season is currently underway and there are already reports of growers cutting back on production because of costs.”

Growers storing potatoes are hit by soaring energy costs whilst receiving the same or less for their produce than they would have last autumn, according to Ryan.

Source: Agriland. Read the full story here
Photo: Courtesy and credit Agriland

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