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Crop Systems Ltd introduces ‘SmartSola’, giving store managers full control of solar energy produced on site

Every day, another drain on profits with energy prices rising at a never-ending pace with no end in sight. Uncertain of where the energy is being used with little to no control of how the energy is used to run your stores sound familiar?

“At Crop Systems Ltd we have always pushed the limits of store control to enable cost savings,” says Ray Andrews, Managing Director of the company, based in the UK. “We have over 25 years of store data under our belts and have used this to develop our new SmartStor controller. The controller has enabled us to put this knowledge and information at our customers fingertips utilising smart defrosting and multiple energy saving features.”

SmartSola: Full control of solar energy

“Always at the forefront of technology, our latest innovation ‘SmartSola‘ has been launched giving our customers full control of the solar energy they produce,” according to Andrews.

SmartSola™ is a new software program that looks at the power needed to run a store and, if that power is available from a renewable source, like solar or wind, utilises that power in preference to it being exported to the grid.

This maximises the use of cheap renewable energy to power the stores and will work on up to 10 stores on site, prioritising certain stores if necessary.

Integrated control

“SmartSola operates with other Crop Systems software and equipment, like SmartStor, as part of an integrated control suite to give you not just better control but lower running costs too, and therefore also reducing your carbon footprint,” says Andrews.

He says this revolutionary system can control multiple stores, automatically choosing the store that needs cooling the most. Using Smart optimisation of crop setpoints, SmartSola’s cost-effective algorithms will reduce energy costs, offering fast returns on investments.

Andrews points out that SmartSola can be incorporated into any store regardless of manufacturer or age.

Commenting on the influence of CIPC as sprout inhibitor in the UK on the design of stores, Andrews says: “In conjunction with SmartStor auto control of fans, the use of alternative sprout suppressant treatments is straightforward, and fans are matched to the correct fan speed requirement whilst saving energy. Our stores have always been designed to be airtight, and we have been installing inverters for the last 22 years, giving optimum air speeds throughout.”

Source: Crop Systems Ltd
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