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Albert Bartlett film showcases lifespan of the humble potato with hopes of reducing waste

It takes love and care to grow a potato – but it remains the most thrown out food in the UK, as Gordon Davidson reports for The Scottish Farmer.

With hopes of encouraging people to think twice before chucking their spuds in the bin – and to mark Stop Food Waste Day on April 27 – sector giant Albert Bartlett has released a fast motion film showcasing the lifespan of a Scottish potato.

Around 4.4 million potatoes are wasted every week in the UK. The film, part of Albert Bartlett’s ‘School of Spuds’ initiative, hopes to highlight the growing and supply chain and encourage consumers to take care of their potatoes at home as they are cared for by farmers in the field, to ensure that no spud is wasted.

Go here to watch the film.

Source: The Scottish Farmer
Photo: Courtesy and credit The Scottish Farmer

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