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Video: Food fight – The battle over GMOs

Imagine being able to prevent childhood blindness with rice. No, this isn’t a biblical miracle. It’s the reality of genetically modified organisms. A 2015 Pew survey found that a majority of Americans don’t think GMO foods are safe to eat. But the same poll found a notable exception to that trend. 88% of scientists said they were safe to eat. Why?

In this Kite & Key Media video, it is said that scientists know that almost any organism that humans have domesticated has already been genetically modified. Thanks to generations of selective breeding, for instance, many of the foods you love … are nothing like they were in nature. In fact, GMOs allow that process to happen with more precision than conventional techniques.

That’s not the only agricultural benefit of GMO foods. Genetically modified crops can have higher yields, greater resistance to pests, and more nutritional value. In the face of public opposition, however, many of those innovations are being delayed — and the costs are being borne by some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

The video below can also be watched on YouTube here.

Source: Kite & Key Media
Cover image: Shutterstock
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