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Ukraine conflict: Third of British chip shops face closure due to food shortages, industry warns

A third of fish and chip shops in Britain could be at risk of closure due to food shortages caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, industry leaders have warned. The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) has called on the Government to “act now” to prevent “long-term damage” to the popular takeaways, Sky News reports.

The UK is reliant on both Russia and Ukraine for the four key ingredients of Britain’s national dish, with shortages forcing outlets to change menus, increase prices – or ultimately face closure.

The NFFF said 50% of oil used by the UK’s chippies comes from Ukraine – with alternatives such as rapeseed and palm oil becoming more expensive, while up to 40% of cod and haddock comes from Russia, with sanctions hitting North Sea supplies.

Meanwhile, fertiliser for potatoes – mainly from Russia – has tripled in price, while Russia also provides much of the flour used to make batter.

The headline of a 9 March news post by The Scarborough News reads: “Fish and chip shops ‘facing biggest threat in 160 years’ warns National Federation of Fish Friers president“.

Source: Sky News. Full story here
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Image: Courtesy The Scarborough News

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