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Specialists discuss five most common potato grading challenges and how it can be overcome

When it comes to potato grading, growers and packers face a lot of challenges. In most cases, this effort requires many people who are tasked with manually assessing the quality of the produce in order to meet the standards of their customers, say specialists at Dutch based Ellips grading technology company, Erwin Bakker (CEO) and John Albert (GM Ellips USA).

In a recent article they point out that, based on this manual process, grading and sorting is often the limiting factor to increased production for many potato companies. Additionally, if there are internal quality issues, it is not possible for manual sorters to determine the presence of internal defects.

Bakker and Albert say that modern equipment and technological advances offer viable solutions for manual sorting and grading. But when it comes to product throughput, efficiency and high quality, they point out that machinery and software must work seamlessly together to achieve the optimum result. The robust Elisam GranTorino Potato Grader combined with the Ellips Grading Software form the perfect potato grading and sorting solution.

In their article, Erwin Bakker and John Albert discuss in detail how advanced equipment and technology can help potato companies to overcome five of the most common challenges associated with efficient sorting and grading:

  1. Assessing internal quality
  2. Infection of good produce
  3. Efficient handling and grading of different shapes and sizes
  4. Increasing potato sorting capacity
  5. Shortage of good employees

Source: Ellips. Read the full article here
Photo: Credit and courtesy Ellips
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