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The Fry Factory: Canadian entrepreneur builds specialized potato cutting machines for restaurant chains

Entrepreneur Hamid Sanayie on Canada’s Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) is continuing to make his mark on the french fry world with two new one-of-a-kind potato cutting machines for use by restauranteurs.

As Andrew Stetson reports for Saltwire, when starting The Fry Factory seven years ago, Sanayie focused on developing the first automatic fry cutting machine. Instead of cutting each potato manually, a 50-pound bag of potatoes can be fed through the machine in under a minute, shooting out a spiral of beautifully cut fries.

The success of the original design caught the attention of many national and international restaurant chains. But for restaurants that requires more unique french fries, Sanayie’s machine would not cut it.

After 12 months of research and development, the world’s first automatic wedge cutting machine was in production on P.E.I. With 13 already shipped, Sanayie said about 40 more still need to be delivered.

He has also built a second revolutionary machine to create crinkle-cut fries. It is currently being market tested by a U.S. restaurant chain, Nathan’s Famous, in one of its busiest stores in New York City.

Source: Saltwire. Read the full story here
Photo: After seven years of making automatic fry cutting machines, Hamid Sanayie has developed two new revolutionary machines. Along with a crinkle-cut fry cutter, he has developed the world’s first automatic wedge cutter. Credit Andrew Stetson, courtesy Saltwire

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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