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Viewpoint: ‘The reinvention of agriculture’

“Many people still have an outdated notion of what farming entails and are unaware how much it involves high technology,” writes international economist Steven Cerier in this article, published by Genetic Literacy Project.

“Even traditional tools like giant combines, sprayers and tractors are [nowadays] equipped with GPS receivers and seeders, and fertilizer systems use satellite guidance,” Cerier writes. “Farming is on the cusp of an even greater technological leap which will once again increase the productivity of US farmers and allow them to grow more food more economically.

“This has been the history of farming. Only through the application of science and technology has farming been able to increase crop yields.”

Cerier says it is essential that agriculture becomes more productive to feed a growing world population that is forecasted to rise from 7.9 billion in 2022 to 9.9 billion in 2050.

This can only be accomplished by the further application of science and technology, “and not as some suggest by going backwards in time to a much simpler and idealized form of farming that shuns the use of biotechnology and technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI), drones, robots and microchips…”

Source: Genetic Literacy Project (GLP). Read the full article by Steven Cerier here
Photo: Credit Bibalex via GLP

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