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Shameful: Russian invaders destroyed the National Gene Bank of Plants of Ukraine

One of the world’s largest the National Gene Bank of named after V.Ya. Yuriev National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, located in Kharkiv, was destroyed during the war. This was announced by the leading researcher of the institute Sergey Avramenko on his YouTube channel, according to a report by The Odessa Journal.

The bank kept more than 160 thousand varieties of plant seeds, and hybrids of agricultural crops worldwide. Sergey Avramenko said the seeds were stored in special storage facilities so that future generations could restore them.

He also stressed that seed samples were ordered by specialists from different countries, including Russia, to carry out selection work on a particular crop that would be adapted to a specific area, adding that there were seeds that no longer exist in Europe and in the world among the destroyed samples.

Source: The Odessa Journal. Read the full story here
Photo: The Odessa Journal

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