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HZPC appoints new member to its Supervisory Board

Jean-Pierre Bienfait was appointed as new member of the Supervisory Board of HZPC Holding B.V. during the company’s General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) recently. Jean-Pierre fills the vacant seat of Meerten Ubbens. Meerten Ubbens’ term as Board member expired in October 2021.

HZPC holds a shareholder meeting every year in May and October. The company warmly welcomed Jean-Pierre Bienfait to the meeting on May 19, 2022.

Jean-Pierre Bienfait is an experienced CEO and supervisory board member who was actively involved with several international companies during his career. His expertise is mainly in food retail/wholesale in emerging, more and also less developed countries (especially in Asia) and organizations.

Jean-Pierre Bienfait has worked extensively with HZPC in recent months. The potato breeding company expects Jean-Pierre Bienfait to make an important contribution to HZPC’s vision in the future.

Source: HZPC Holland BV
Photo: Jean-Pierre Bienfait

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