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Global supply turmoil could see British potato farmers switch to cereals or oilseeds

As Simon Roughneen reports in a news story for The Grocer, turmoil in world food commodity markets could lead to significant short-term changes to potato production in the UK and beyond, growers have warned, as the sector adjusts to soaring costs and volatile demand wrought in part by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to Mark Taylor, chairman of the Fresh Potato Suppliers Association, some farmers in Britain were likely to switch to growing in-demand grains and oilseeds this year after the war further tightened global markets and pushed up prices.

Jack Hamilton, COO of County Down-based Mash Direct said he had heard of potato farmers elsewhere in the UK switching to cereals and oilseeds, with others saying more expensive fuel and fertiliser meant they were likely to sit this year out completely.

Source: The Grocer. Read the full story here
Photo: Credit The Grocer

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